• Elizabeth Kenney

3 Water-Saving Tips For Your Irrigation System

While the fall weather may be rolling in soon, proper care of your irrigation system is a must for maintaining a healthy lawn and garden all year long.

Check out these 3 water-saving irrigation practices from Southern Living that are sure to set your lawn and garden up for success:

#1 Focus on depth, not frequency.

You may be tempted to water your plants and lawn constantly. But, the key to proper watering is depth, not frequency.

In fact, watering too often and not deep enough can leave your plants and lawn at greater risk of drought. Instead, watering deeply provides better overall nourishment for the entire plant, from leaf tip to root.

#2 Use mulch.

Laying mulch not only provides a clean look to your flower beds, but also (and perhaps more importantly), helps to trap-in moisture.

Mulch works to reduce evaporation. If you are watering appropriately (i.e. focusing on depth), mulch can provide your garden beds with an additional barrier to maintain moisture for the plants to eventually soak in.

#3 Pay due diligence to your sprinkler.

Let’s put it this way—a broken sprinkler can only get worse. So, be sure to regularly check on the condition of your equipment. Doing so will help you maintain the efficiency of your irrigation system.

Keep an eye out for broken sprinkler heads and other leaking parts. In addition, be conscious of the equipment’s positioning within your lawn, so as to prevent/reduce the occurrence of run-off .

(Need to fix your irrigation equipment? Installing a new system? We can help! Our team can recommend top-of-the-line irrigation products to fit your specific need.)

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