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Fixing A Leaky Pipe Fitting

Having problems with your pipes? It might be the pipe fitting.

As SFGate explains, here is what you need to know to fixing a leaking pipe fitting:

What is a pipe fitting?

Often shaped as a curve or an elbow, a pipe fitting is a small portion of pipe which works to connect two large portions of the pipe.

In some cases, these portions of the pipe can be replaced or repaired in lieu of the pipe. (However, we do suggest that you consult a professional on the state of your particular pipe problem to discover what the best solution is.)

What if I need a permanent fix for my pipe fitting?

First, turn off the water inside your home and drain all water from the pipes by turning on all faucets located on the first floor of your home.

Second, remove the compression nut from the connector. Hold the connector and bend it to match the pipe’s curve and draw a line on the pipes one inch in from either end of the connector.

Next, use a saw to cut the pipes at the lines you have drawn. Sand down the pipe’s edges.

Now, join the plumbing connector to the pipe by placing one compression nut on each end of the pipe and then the compression rings behind them.

Be sure to tighten the compression nut using a wrench. And finally, turn the water back on.

How about a temporary fix for my pipe fitting?

First, turn off the home’s water supply as described in the previous list of instructions.

Second, use a rag and detergent to clean the fitting. If necessary, try using a wire brush to scrub the fitting the leaking side of the pipe.

Next, use the epoxy putty to cover the cracks. (Be sure to follow the manufacturer’s instructions to ensure that the putty is applied properly.)

Remember, this is not a permanent fix, so call the plumber as soon as possible!

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