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How Do I Unclog The Bathroom Drain?

No need to let a simple bathroom drain get the best of you. As The Family Handyman explains, there are at three simple fixes that you can try before calling in the professionals.

It’s time to put on your gloves and get to the bottom of the clog! Here is how:

#1 Zip-It first.

After removing this plastic tool called a Zip-It from its package, hold the handle and push the opposite, pointed end of the tool down the drain.

You may need to gently move the tool around in the drain, so that it can catch onto the build-up of hair and other debris.

Then, slowly remove the tool from the drain.

If the tool contains clumps of debris, you may have just solved your drain problem. To be sure, however, run the sink water.

#2 Try the trap.

If your drain remain clogs, try removing the trap and trap arm to unclog buildup that may be especially tough or deeply lodged.

Beneath the sink, you will find the trap. Before you make any moves, make sure you have a sizeable bucket placed beneath the trap. The bucket should be placed so it can collect any water and other gunk sitting in the drain.

Once you placed the bucket underneath, loosen the nuts and unscrew the trap. Allow the water and any other material to fall into the bucket.

Use a sturdy, cylindrical tool (such as a screw driver) to clean out any debris from the trap.

Next, unscrew the trap arm. Once remove, you can make sure that the drain opening is unclogged and clear of any debris. Use your screwdriver (or other cylindrical tool) to do so.

Once you screw all parts of the trap back into place, run the water to see if this has solved your clogged sink.

#3 Bring in the snake.

If the previous two methods failed to remove the clog, the root of the issue is likely further down the drain. By using a plumber’s snake, you can remove the deep clog.

To use this tool, you will need to work under sink and remove the trap and trap arm as described above.

Next, read the instructions of your snake tool. As instructed, push the snake’s cable into the drain located in the wall and then feed the cable into the pipe.

Pull the cable out and you should find the glob of gunk clogging your sink attached to the end of the drain snake.

Be sure to reattach the trap and trap arm. Then, run the water to make sure your clog has been cleared.

Have questions about your bathroom clog? Give us a call or stop by the store!

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