• Elizabeth Kenney

Maximize The Heat. Minimize The Cost.

Keeping your home toasty and warm during the winter months doesn’t have to break the bank. Check out the following tips from The Conversation that may help you to lower your heating bill:

#1 Don’t block the flow.

While it may be tempting to park your comfy sofa or easy-chair directly in front of the radiator, don’t. Doing so will absorb the majority of the heat flow and prevent hot air from flowing freely throughout your home.

#2 Do block drafts.

Use draft-proofing tools to prevent cold air from trickling into your home. This cold air can enter through cracks in doorways and window panes. These areas are the most common culprits in which drafts can occur.

However, drafts can occur in other areas of your home. Look for cracks or holes in the siding of your home, for example.

There are a variety of draft-proofing products on the market. Give us a call or stop by the store for suggested brands.

#3 Check your insulation.

While most of your home is probably well-insulated, check the areas of your home that may not be completely insulated. The attic and basement do sometimes contain less than perfect insulation.

For example, did you know that about 25% of heat is often lost through the roof of the home? Proper insulation can help to keep this heat inside your home.

#4 Make the most of natural sources.

Sunlight provides additional heat inside your home. While the sun is shining, open the window curtains. Conversely, when the sun sets, close your curtains to add more insulation.

#5 Put your heater on the clock.

Make use of timer functions to help you save on heating costs.

Set heater to initiate about 30 minutes before you wake up. Do not leave your heater on at a low temperature all day; this is not efficient. Rather, while it is not recommended that you constantly spike your heat temperature, try using your heat only when needed.

Proper heating is important in the winter because it can help you prevent a bigger, more expensive emergency—that is bursting, frozen pipes.

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