• Elizabeth Kenney

Preparing Your Plumbing For The Holiday Rush

Hosting family or friends this holiday season? Take the proper precautions to prevent any plumbing mishaps.

The following three tips from Allstate might just prevent a clogged drain, a flooded toilet, or a number of other plumbing disasters from happening at your home:

#1 Be selective with your garbage disposal.

Though it’s true that generally speaking garbage disposals are backed by a significant amount of power, these machines can wear down overtime and, more importantly, large or hard items can outright break the garbage disposal.

As a good rule of thumb, dump table scraps in the trash, as opposed to down the garbage disposal. Foods like celery stalks and potato peels are just two of the many foods that can damage your garbage disposal.

#2 Oil down the drain is a no-no.

It’s likely that you and your guests will enjoy a decadent feast with deliciously oily foods at least once this holiday season. Note that oil and grease remnants can damage the garbage disposal. So, instead, once cooled, grease and other fats should always be disposed of in the trash.

Do not pour oils down the kitchen sink. Even a small amount of oil and grease can do serious damage to your drain.

#3 Toilet paper only.

While you cannot exactly control what paper and other items that your guests might flush down the toilet, you can ensure the bathroom is stocked with all the proper items, so as to minimize any mishaps.

In the bathroom, store extra rolls of toilet paper in an accessible location, as well as a nearby trash bin for all other items that will need to be discarded. Also, be sure to regulate whether this stock needs to be refilled or the trash bag replaced.

You might even place a small sign graciously asking your guests to mind the pipes and to “Please only flush toilet paper.” Especially if your guests are homeowners, chances are, they will understand your request.

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