• Elizabeth Kenney

Shielding Your Sump Pump From The Chill

Cold weather can have dangerous effects on your sump pump. Prepare your sump pumps and be ready to address potential issues.

The following tips from Sump Pump Advisor can help you maintain a properly working sump pump all winter long:

#1 Test your sump pump.

Upon testing your sump pump, if you discover that while there is some amount of movement in the pipes, but no discharge, this issue is likely the result of one of three situations:

First, debris may be lodged inside the pump and be causing blockage. Second, the sump pump itself may be frozen. Or, third, the water inside the discharge pipe of the sump pump may have frozen.

While the first two instances should be not be taken lightly and the home owner must repair, note that the third instance must be dealt withimmediately.

Complete blockage of the sump pump is dangerous. Frozen water inside the sump pump can cause significant damage, including overflow of water and flooding in the home’s basement.

#2 Check the gradient.

Proper water flow inside the discharge pipe can reduce the sump pump issues listed above. So, it is important that the sump pump’s pipe maintains an angle that corresponds with the slope of the ground.

#3 Try a larger or wider pipe.

If you are replacing the discharge pipe on your sump pump, you might consider selecting a pipe with a wider diameter. Doing so can improve and reduce risk of any water flow issues.

#4 Offset the sump pump’s workload.

Like most operations, overworking any machine will eventually cause breakdown. The same applies to your sump pump.

For this reason, be sure to regularly maintenance your sump pump to remove any build-up. You might also consider installing a back-up sump pump in case of emergencies.

#5 Use a heat rod.

If the discharge pipe or the sump pump itself has frozen, you can use a heating rod to warm the device to a lukewarm temperature.

Be sure to carefully follow the device’s instructions. Among these instructions, you’ll need to remove the sump pump’s power supply and use proper heat temperatures.

Give us a call or stop by the store – We can help!

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