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Soft Water Not Soft Anymore? Check These 4 Spots

If your answer is yes, have a look at your water softener.

If your water softener is not properly functioning, you will need to determine the cause. As the Family Handyman points out there are four keys areas to check:

#1 Settings

While there may be something going wrong inside your water softener, the issue could very well be a result of the settings gone wrong.

Make sure the timer clock displays the correct time. This will ensure that cleaning and recharging of the resin tank occurs on schedule.

The hardness setting should also be checked. As you tend to this aspect, it is helpful to have a small container of water, so that you can test the hardness.

#2 Brine Tank

Use a broom handle to break up any salt bridges that may be blocking the salt’s path to the bottom of the tank.

Also be sure that salt mush has not formed because this does not dissolve well. If it has simply remove it. After it has been removed, pour hot water over the surface to clear the remnants.

#3 Resin Bed

The resin bed should be cleaned two times every year using resin bed cleaner. A dirty resin bed could be the culprit, so make sure you clean this part appropriately.

Dilute resin cleaner and pour it into the brinewell tube. Next, clean the air check valve. In order to do this, you will need to first remove it.

#4 Venture Assembly Parts

Once removed the screen, cap, and flow plugs, can be cleaned easily using a pan of warm water. Mineral deposits tend to build up on these parts. These must be cleaned for the system to properly function.

Keep in mind that some repairs may not be worthwhile and, instead, will require replacement. Have questions? Give us a call or stop by the store.

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