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Trouble With Your Valves?

Specific valves control the gas and water distribution throughout your home. Knowing where these are and what these tools do is imperative for homeowners.

Check out the information below to learn about the valves inside your home. (For more information visit

Basic Overview

There are two types of shutoff valves, the main/master shutoff valve and the gas shutoff valve. Both of these valves will turn off the gas or water throughout your home.

In addition, there may also be individual/supply shutoff valves for various appliances or fixtures around your home.

Locate And Label

Know what you are working with—Get acquainted with the valve system in your home so that if you need to access this (especially in the case of an emergency), you know where to locate the specific valve you are looking for.

Furthermore, make note of where these valves are located. Depending on the age of your home and local area, you valve likely has specific features. Knowing this information might just save you thousands of dollars in water damage.

Repair Work

For a repair to either a gas or water valve, make sure the shutoff valve have indeed been shut off.

Some repair needs for supply vales might include:

- Tightening the packing nut in the case of a leaky supply valve

- Releasing water build-up that has been trapped between the spigot and supply shutoff valve

- Replacing saddle valves with standard supply stops

Questions about the vales in your home? Our team is always ready to help!

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