• Elizabeth Kenney

What’s Wrong With My Well?

Our team receives questions on a daily basis about shallow wells and well pumps. Take for instance the following scenario:

You are excited to put your home on the market. But, as you start this process, your shallow well does not pass the first inspection.

Don’t fear! There could be a few different things going on and we can help.

In order to pass inspection, the pump must produce a minimum requirement of 5 gallons per minute. Here’s what to do:

Let's first test the pump.

Ok, so we test your pump at the shop and… it’s working fine. It’s easily pumping 8-10 gallons per minutes.

What’s the issue then? It could be any number of things. Such as:

- Vacuum leak on the suction side of the pump

- Clogged impeller/Jet

- Well Screen is plugged

The beauty is that 99% of problems that occur with this type of equipment can be isolated into three areas:

1) The Pump

2) The Well

3) The Tank

Now let’s check Plan B (and maybe C if necessary).

Since we now know that it’s pumping the appropriate amount of water, we can rule out the pump. This leads us to investigate the tank and the well next.

If the tank pressure is too low, it will struggle to get up to proper pressure. Yet, we already know that your pump is delivering the proper amounts of water, so chances are good that this aspect will check out just fine as well.

If the pressure is too high, the pump would short cycle. In other words, it would rapidly turn the pump on and off.

Ding, Ding, Ding—we have a winner!

After this full checkup, we’ve discovered that, more than likely, that the issue has to do with your well.

To repair the well, here's what you can do—Treat the well with either NuWell tablets or a gallon of muriatic acid. (Use the tablets if it’s inside and muriatic acid if it’s outside.)

If the acid treatments do not rectify the problem, you might need to replace your well with a new one.

Are you experiencing issues with your pump? Give us a call or stop by the store. We love what we do and look forward to helping you!

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